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Make a gift today.

North Country Community College is a first chance for some students, a last chance for others, and increasingly, a viable option for those in between.


Your gift will make a difference.

For over half of a century, North Country Community College has been educating and preparing students for vital and valuable careers and transfer opportunities to other institutions.

The North Country Community College Foundation is dedicated to helping the college maintain and enhance the quality of educational experiences offered to students and the community. Gifts made to the foundation are used to provide support to North Country students, faculty and staff that otherwise would not be possible. From scholarships that directly impact students, professional development for faculty and staff, to upgrading our science and nursing labs, your gift will have a direct impact on our extended college community.

If you are interested in supporting a specific program through the North Country Community College Foundation, please contact Erin Walkow at or (518)891-2915 ext.1250.

Thank you for considering a gift today.